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Day 111: The Results or The Process?

If you fail to achieve results for a long time (it is often the case when working on difficult goals/projects), the notion that you are doing well when you are achieving immediate results is hampering you. Success is doing the best with what you have. Regardless of the outcome, and as long as you are doing your best, you are holding yourself up to the highest standards and that is what matters most.

I have been engaged lately in helping our local church stream live. Being the curious person I am on the best and creative ways to do things, a certain voice keeps telling me there are more ground to cover. This is so personal. My take on every time we want to broadcast, I remind myself that we are giving our best based on what we have. Every resource and every creative way of doing things is utilized. We are learning. This approach has seen us being more creative in how we do the broadcast and we continue to learn. Day one is so different from the last broacast we did, it is better now.

I am replicating same approach even in my personal life, I may not get the results I wish today but the results of my efforts might come tomorrow, 3 months from now, one year or even a decade later. Regardless of the outcome today, I will continue to give my best.

If you focus on the results themselves, you deny yourself opportunities to learn. The journey will shape you to become the person deserving the goal/result. In short, do not pursue your goals for the sake of pursuing them, make the process a learning escapade.

A successful businesswoman is not successful because she runs a successful business, she is successful because she stuck with her business despite the difficult times, the failures and frustrations that come with running business. You do not obsess yourself with the results but rather the act of bettering yourself – the process.

Conclusion, Hold yourself to a high personal standard and focus on the process of consistently becoming better. Do your best, results show up!

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