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Day 110: What Do You Say No For?

Early this week I shared with you on why you should say yes. (Read it here) Today I wish to share again this time asking you to say no. Sound contradictory, right? No, it is not. It is braving the tides, more importantly being alert for revelations on which way to act.

I want to share a famous story, you must have heard of it or have read the story itself. If you have never, allow me to be the one introducing it to you.

There lived three men namely, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and had been captured as slaves in Babylon. At some point, they said no to the delicacies offered in the king’s residence and opted for vegetables – I try imagining them having cabbages and spinach. Surprisingly, they emerged stronger than the rest of the soldiers who they were training together with. Later, they were appointed as administrators and served in the loyal court.

When a statute of the King was erected and everyone was expected to worship it, these three me refused and risked being thrown in to a blazing furnace. They said no when everyone was saying yes.

That calls for a lot of bravery, tremendous courage to walk away from the crowd knowing the result, being thrown into a blazing furnace. These guys were well respected and yet choose to go against their boss’s command, they said, “even if He does not rescue us, we still will say no!”

I hope all of us can have such courage to say no when saying yes threaten our values and our core being. Choosing to be resolute in our decisions. I hope we can build our courage and say, ” I know what God is capable, But even if He does not, I still will not…! My three men did not look back. I know fear was engulfing them, but they trusted the process. It require extra energy to swim upstream.

Courage is not always getting it right, it is all about stepping out there and braving the wilderness – trying. Say the right yes and say the right no. Be courageous to say yes and be courageous to say no. Say the thing bravery tells you to say – including a big no (or a big yes)

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