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Day 108: Say Yes to Situations That Stretch You.

Have you ever encountered a situation that required you to say yes? Did you say yes and did it change everything? some time the only thing needed is just to agree to the moment and walk through a door with bravery and anticipation.

There are situations that demand we say yes. Saying yes even when it is so scary, where there is potential cost to incur or even when the outcome is unknown. What I know is, we stand to lose by just watching thing unfold while spectating and not allowing us to experience the ride in the roller-coaster.

The righteous are as bold as a lion.

Prov 28:1

I have said yes to leadership positions even when I did not know where to start. I have said yes to initiating small projects and have turned out to be a success. Saying yes to something is saying no to something else.

Say yes to situations that stretch you. Say yes to opportunities for your growth. say yes to situations that will leave you better than you are today. Take comfort in knowing that God will lead you and He will unfold more opportunities in your life. Trust that He can take care of you when you say yes. Say yes to every chance you get. Say yes to serving.

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