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Day 107: The Little Things That Matter Daily (Every day life)

We all have small moments or things in our day to day life that often go unnoticed and even unappreciated. We think they are either insignificant or we casually take them for granted. This is because we live in a culture and environment that celebrates grand or big accomplishments that wow us. What if we made it our habit to celebrate and embrace small things that happen around us? Actually, real life is happening as we wait for the big thing we hope to give us satisfaction or inner peace. My hunch today is to remind you of a truth; that the things that matter most are usually the small ones. The small things that we usually take for granted.

I thought about this yesterday when I tried to watch the 9Pm news. I could not manage because my two year old and her aunt (Read her 10 Year old aunt – or my 10 year old sister in-law) could not as they played and made all manner of noise. This happened at what I would call a critical instance in the news. I closed my eyes, opened and acted okay. I breathed in and out. The question that ran in my mind that particular moment was, would I rather be alone in the house and enjoy the silence to watch news or have these mazing souls ran up and down in the house making all the manner of noise? I choose the latter!

A bigger house does not make a home. Bigger is sometimes a nightmare and a whole lot of unnecessary extra work. Bigger is not always what we want.

This brought me to consider some other little things that means a lot and consequently matters and I wish to share. The list could be inexhaustible so feel free to add.

  1. If you hurt someone, please apologize. Realize what you made them feel.
  2. Thank anyone who does you good. We all need appreciation.
  3. Be grateful to some one who steps out to do something for you. We are all busy nowadays and most people care less.
  4. Avoid negative words, some people are emotional. think before you speak.
  5. You do not have to speak to hurt someone. A negative action enough. You can hurt someone esteem by the body language alone.
  6. Alway be kind. Everyone is experiencing a battle and could be hurting. They may not show it off in their face.
  7. believe in people. It means a lot to them. Believing in people means you care. Do not give up on people.
  8. Do not touch something that is not yours. Ask before. People hold some meaning on to objects.
  9. Help someone who asks for help if you are in a position. This may restore faith in humanity.

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