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Day 104 : Death and Motivation

Have you ever thought about your death? “Mmmh, but why would I want to think of my death James”, you may ask. To so many people, thinking about their death leave alone mentioning it is a taboo. But did you know, taking a few minutes to imagine such a scenario is helpful. It will help you discover your true priorities. It will act as a motivation to act on your most important goals now.

It can be inspiring and can shake you out of inaction. You ultimately do not want it to be regreful scenario. Regretting about the things you would have wanted to do but could not act on. You choose to put them off and now it is a regret.

Now because you are here, healthy as you are, there is a possibility of making your dreams come to live. Why are you putting things off? Why are you hesitating about that important goal you know you need to act on… or call that person you know you ought to? Knowing that someday you will not be able to pursue it or call him/her!

Break out of that shell and prioritize! More importantly, get into constructive action.

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