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Day 103: How to embrace changes in seasons.

The long rain season is around the corner in this region. Let me ask you, are you concerned that the season is about to change? I don’t think so. Why? You can tell it is definitely coming. And so, you are not shocked or surprised. You can get information from meteorological department and the radio keep reminding you. When a season is changing, we get prepared…We prepare the land during summer and plant as the rain approaches. Also, In case of rainy season, we buy boots and warm clothes in preparation.

Now that we can prepare for a changing weather season, can we do that in our physical, emotional and spiritual lives too?

Only God who is constant. Everything else is not. Our circumstances will change. Just as seasons change, so is our lives.

I needed to remind you that. Just as seasons change here on earth so are they going to change in your everyday life. Just like you prepare for a rainy or sunny season, you will have to prepare for different seasons as you see them coming. More importantly, know that it is all part of our journey. Be brave enough to face seasons head on.

And how do you prepare, spend time with the unchanging one. Commune with Him. He’ll prepare and help you see new season coming in. And as the seasons change, change with them. Embrace changes in season with all of your heart.

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