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Day 102: Optimal Performance; A Routine Reward.

Pursuing one set of activity makes it easier to build momentum that will help you reach an optimal performance. Hopping from one activity to another or from one goal to another kills the same thing you need to get results – momentum. You need maintain a desirable intensity to get results!

Many people feel doing the same thing over and over again could end up being boring. Lack of variety to them means boredom or being stuck in a rut. I do not want to refute that but also having a routine can be a great thing.

When I decided to share a hunch daily, I knew it will be a challenge because of work and other obligations that demand my time. It’s now 101 days of consistent daily update. Thumps to myself. What has greatly aided me is that I have chosen a single activity and run with it. It has become a routine. You too may want to adopt the trick. Adopting a consistent routine. It builds momentum which you can build upon.

I now write and publish easily on my phone unlike previous cases where I only could do it over a desktop and spend signicant time editing and figuring out how to publish. Unlike the popular belief, having a routine helps in maximizing productivity by reducing the time you need to figure things out. Actually, your brain work in a very similar manner.

Routine is good as it allows us to build time for other most important things. I serve in a local church in the media team, recently we have been streaming live sessions. For a successful seamless stream, we build scenes with different media sources and save them. Doing so saves us time on the second stream and other subsequent streams. It enables us come up with quality uninterrupted stream. Also, it gives us time to research and be creative while streaming. We do not have to build new scenes from scratch every time we want to stream which takes up time. I use the time acquired to check the stream health.

The point is this, it doesn’t have to be boring doing something repeatedly. It could actually work for you. When you do something routinely, this enables you to achieve mastery. This also, enables you to build up your capacity enhancing your creative genius turning you to be a master in your art.

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