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Day 100: Disruption is Bound to Occur; Brave Enough?

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

—James 1:17

Every resource in your hands , your health, your relationships, the shelter covering your head and the food you are eating is a gift. It is a gift from God. We need to be grateful. More importantly we need to be thankful to God for the fact that He does not change. He gave you and will give you even more.a

Today I want to remind and let you know that we can trust and hold on to a never changing God. Reason, everything else is bound to change. Name them! Only the brave, courageous people are willing to let everything go but still tightly hold on to God. Even when everything else is breaking and changing.

Over the last five years, I have experienced a lot of change. Broken relationships and new relationships formed. Beliefs broken and others built. If I lived in a world where I disapproved and avoided change, it would be really a miserable world to live in. That is my experience. More importantly, if I choose to put my hope in people, I would have ended up hopeless. I have made that mistake, trust me, it is not pretty at all.

No one loves disruption, we all love prediction. Unfortunately, disruption is bound to occur. (A current scenario if Covid-19) The comfort however lies in the knowledge that everything works together for good. Everything God is disrupting is working for my good.

My friend, when everything which seemed secure start changing, show bravely and confess that His plans are working for my good. God loves you and loves to see you raise your standards. He will not leave you neither forsake you.

And for your information, He does not need to be reminded what He ought to do, actually you are the one that need constant reminder that everything He is doing worketh for your good (and for my good too).

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