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Day 99: A Social Being We Are – The Answer to Disasters.

We humans, based on the challenges we have faced and fought together, we have evolved into social beings. Dependence and cooperation with each other made it possible for us to survive harsh conditions that we humans have encountered – Harsh environments and epidemics that threatened our own survival.

In modern world, survival threats have diminished greatly compared to previous centuries but humans continue to have a need to connect and affiliate with each other. Without which it can lead to many problems. Today we are faced by a pandemic, human cooperation during this period will determine how fast we can fight off the Corona Virus and ensure human existence is not threatened.

It is during such a period that the essence of being human is tested and it’s significance put on a weighing scale This is not the season to pass people by and assume they are okay. It is a moment to reach out. At some point, we thought Wuhan is too far until it became evidence how close we are to the town. Almost every territory in the world is struggling to fight and flatten the curve if not to stop Covid-19.

So my friend, keep reaching out to your friends. Check if they have amenities they need like food. Do not be silent. Let us fight together in a spirit of unity. We have come from far, like I said earlier, humans have fought even more dangerous battles. This one too will pass completely. Let me end here but allow me to share Aesop story to reinforce the point; do not be silent and do not run away from your family and friends during the time of need. We need each other now, more than ever.

Two fellows and a Bear.

Two Fellows were travelling together through a wood, when a Bear rushed out upon them. One of the travellers happened to be in front, and he seized hold of the branch of a tree, and hid himself among the leaves.

The other, seeing no help for it, threw himself flat down upon the ground, with his face in the dust. The Bear, coming up to him, put his muzzle close to his ear, and sniffed and sniffed. But at last with a growl he shook his head and slouched off, for bears will not touch dead meat. Then the fellow in the tree came down to his comrade, and, laughing, said “What was it that Master Bruin (Bear) whispered to you?”

“He told me,” said the other,

“Never trust a friend who deserts you at a pinch.” 

Do not be like that ‘friend’…reach out.

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