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Day 98: Introverted Does Not Make You Anti-social

Every time we say ‘I am not that’ we are giving ourselves a label, we are communicating something about ourselves. Everytime we label someone by their behavior, we are limiting ourselves from exploring a potential connection simply because you think you know the person.

That is why I want to ask you to stop something! Stop using negative labels on yourself. Stop labeling others using your limited view of who you think they are.

Let me put it in context…think about other people labeling you in such a negative way. Isn’t it unfair? Surprisingly, on the other hand, we label ourselves everyday knowingly. We do this by the words we use on ourselves. (And then on others) ‘Me, I can’t….I am not made that way….that is who I am…’ etc.

When you believe you cannot change a situation simply because you have labeled yourself in a certain way, you cement the assumption that there is nothing you can do or you cannot be something. Your life become more stressful as you navigate your way through. You avoid anything you have told yourself you cannot be.

So, beginning today… Stop using some words, either on yourself or on others. Stop labeling people as psychopaths. If you eat more, stop calling yourself a glutton. Wanting things to be clean is not being a perfectionist. Being an introverted does not make you antisocial. If you have lost in business, stop calling yourself a dumb amateur.

In short, do not say words which you do not mean.
Do not say negative words even if you mean them, either.

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