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Day 97: Secrets and Strangers (Relationship)

There is a behavior I have observed in people. I do not want to call it peculiar, but I need to highlight it here. Later, I’d love to talk with a psychologist who possibly could try and help explain this tendency. Many People do not want to share their stories…..their misery, they hide it. They cover their wounds and their vulnerabilities. By doing so, they create cancers and other illnesses.

It happens that you can easily open up to a stranger. You easily become intimate with a stranger. You do not know the person but you open up and confide in him/her. It happens in public vans, my friend shared having a ‘nice’ conversation while on a flight. The person alights in the next dropping point and perhaps you will never see them again. You tell that person secrets you will never tell your spouse, your parents or even your closest friend.

I find this very strange. I find it true that people are more open to someone they do not know, someone anonymous. They can tell them almost everything that scares and troubles them.

But why is it so? Are our relationships with people who are close to us so porous that we do not trust them? Is this why so many young people are committing suicide because they have no one to confide and talk to? Could this explain why depression is at its highest?

If you have ever experienced this tendency, maybe you can share why it is so easy to open up to a stranger. Is it because they are not judgemental or is just how it is? Maybe the best way to know people is to be a stranger to them….

I will talk to a stranger….You should try too, and on it, make sure you encourage him or her. Build the stranger and leave him her stronger!

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