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Day 95: Courage to Stick and Love our Families.

Paul writing to Ephesians mention the word ‘adoption’ as sons. You adopt into a family. To be adopted means you did not originally belong. For someone to adopt you, he or she is greatly guided by love and nothing else. I come from a family and I have a family…With time I have come appreciate what a family is capable of. It is one of the institution that genuinely get concerned when they have not heard from you in a day…leave a day, if you don’t call or text after few hours. It is not because we’re perfect and thus accepted in our families but it is because of a genuine love.

Every single family is unique in its makeup, it’s strengths and it’s struggles. For some people, loving their family or being in their family can be a daunting task and would require a lot of courage. Their family is difficult.

But there is something unique about family, like I wrote yesterday…family is the place where we can be accepted no matter what. God adopted us even with our flaws and as unhealthy as we were into His kingdom family. Family is where we are loved even when we are not lovely. Our families do not have to be perfect but it is in our families where we can be treated and cared for perfectly.

Having said this, I want to lay some responsibility on you: Love your family. Even if it is not the best of the family. Even if your family is not the healthiest. Be brave and stay with your family; If in a position, start your own family too and believe you will build it. Love your family, if not possible probably because yours is a difficult one….Love them from a distance. Some you just have to love them from a distance.

Forgive those who baffle you. Pray for bravely to stick with your family and love them. Model the example of God who speaks forgiveness. Ask for wisdom from Him even how to love them.

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