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Day 94: In a family, we make room for each other.

With a pandemic like covid-19, some things are being put into perspective. Major cities in the world are experiencing a lockdown if not a curfew and have turned and have become ghost towns! Where are we ending up? With families and friends!

You have seen, and sometimes, me and you find ourselves working so hard for so many hours and we head back to a breaking or a broken family. Horrifying! Let us agree and get a balance, we both now know how important relationships are in our lives.

Today, I wanted to ask and remind you to find a balance. Be courageous enough and find a balance. We experience financial pressure all the time. It never gets enough. Let’s try and find balance between work and our lives, why? Because we all need relationships. We all need a family. We all need relationships.

W have to be brave enough to find balance between our work and our relationships. It is usually not a 100% perfect set up. There are so many differences. Whatever is available is not enough for everyone. But in a family, everyone makes a room for each and everyone. In a family, we can prioritize each one of us, with our time and in our resources. Life becomes bearable and we thrive.

My friend, don’t we all need that? Do not allow pursuing your goals and dreams keep you from investing in relationships, especially your family.

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