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Day 92: Work hard, beyond minimum

One of the things young people are currently being accused of is that they do not want to work hard. It is said, they want easy things. They are not hard working as their parents were. They have been labeled millennials. To be sincere, we do not want to work hard all the time. No one feels it all the time.

If you are young, do not buy into that perception! But let me share my thoughts, to anyone who fall in that category and who cares to listen.

Whatever you are doing and whatever you are asked to do, work hard and give extra. One of the things I experience every time are people who never give extra, they are comfortable and will only do the basic minimum. I hope you are not one of them.

Can you show courage to step out and work hard by putting in extra? Can you clean up a mess you have not made? It is impressive if you can do that.

I know someone reading this might ask, but why should I? Who cares? Maybe you should care, you stand to gain a lot when you work really hard. One, you gain respect and admiration. Secondly, if you are employed you get to keep your job and stand a chance of growing in your your career. Lastly, you build a good reputation. Who does not want that?

To be sincere, It is not fun all the time. You may not be noticed, you may actually be labeled negatively by your colleagues. Remember this: It is actually all about what you want to be…..Who you want to become. Who would not want someone who works hard!

So, Whatever It is you are doing and whatever you are asked to do, work hard and put your best foot into it no matter who you are doing it for. I promise you, It pays off, it does!

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