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Day 91: Just Change your Language!

Language matters a lot. Not the dialect, but the words you use. One of the most effective strategy to change your behavior and build up your yourself is to change how you use language.

The specific words that you use have a direct consequence on you . If for example you tell yourself how different you wish you are, you are basically telling the world that it is not within your control to change and be more effective.

How possible is it to achieve a goal if you actually do not believe you can achieve it? Are you able to change yourself if the only words that you use on yourself is “I wish”.

Let me suggest an exercise…..

To move ahead, set yourself a challenge for the next few days. Anytime you find yourself using the word ‘I wish’ – I wish I could do something – stop and regurgitate it. Is it something that you will never be able to do or accomplish or is it your mind serving you your own limiting beliefs? If it is a case of limiting beliefs, change “I wish” to “here is how I am going to do it”

Break out and brave yourself to overcome your limiting beliefs. It begins with the words you use especially on yourself.

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