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Day 90: You are not broken, You do not need fixing!

I do not think you need to become great, you already are great. What there is are impediments to your greatness and that is exactly what you want to deal with. The things that are stopping you from manifesting your greatness. I am identifying and working on my impedimets and I hope you are. Some impediments are deep and take time to crack and deal with, but you do not give up. I write and share my thoughts and ideas to encourage you as you work to eliminate these impediments.

There is so much trouble in this world, our lives are full of trouble, and even more so, our nation. We have this hope, however, that God has overcome it all.

John 16:33

You are not broken like you have been made to believe. You are a special breed, choosen and called out for greatness. At some point you will feel it is too much. Previously, it has been tough, more than enough. Tomorrow, you are not sure and you fear it will be tougher. You feel broken. Everything feels against you, you even struggle to breath. It is easier to give up rather than stepping out boldly and throw a smile to strangers.

Although you may have acquired cracks in your struggle, trust me, you are definitely not broken. It is true the world can be dark but I believe there is always far more light at the end of the tunnel if you only care to look closely and consistently.

“Everything in your life — especially your challenges — is tailor-made to help you see your stories of struggle. Whatever is in the way is the way!”

Mary O’Malley

Do not let whatever has happened to you define you, every experience or encounter is a catalyst that ought to catapult you to forge ahead. My experience is that you rise higher even when you feel weakened by circumstances.

Shake yourself up and start dealing with all of your impediments. The key is to build up your faith as you trust the process because your God will not desert you.

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