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Day 89: Express respect toward your body.

Health is one the greatest resourceIf one can pride in. A good health is an enabler, you can pursue goals when your health is stable. Almost everything stops when your health fails or deteriorate. So, today I would love to encourage you to introduce health habits in your life.

If you are straining and failing to introduce health lifestyle in your life, you are not alone. Many people experience challenges when beginning. With a right mindset , you can easily introduce a healthy lifestyle. Instead of looking at it as just a mere body building kinda thing, think of it as an expression of respect toward your body.

I have for long thought that gym is the only place I can go to keep my body fit. My friend Charles challenged and encouraged me to start in-house exercises, to start with, I bought a skipping rope which I already now use. I have a goal of 1000 skips per day, am at 200 now! I am looking for more convenient suggestions of exercises I can do in the house. I have also reduced sugar in my tea by half. I still do coffee, 2-3 cups in a day and I hope to reduce up to one.

What matters for me right now is to learn and start caring for my body in the same way I care for my other prized possessions e.g. my phone. Once I adopt a healthy living then I will continue to set more specific fitness goals. For now, I am changing my actions to those that show respect toward my body and I encourage you to do the same.


  1. You can search nice exercise on pinrest or youtube… I have started the journey to and its nice… And do not forget to drink loads of water… And mostly discipline…

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  2. Welcome to club of fitness.. We can do this. Have you tried sugarless black coffee? You will forget about sugar.. It’s my favorite drink. Workouts, you tube is loaded with different workouts.

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