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Day 83: Do not ignore any discomfort in your life.

A small cough usually does not take you to the doctor but multiply that cough by a factor of five and in a split of second, you will find yourself at the doctor’s office. This is same to our bad behaviors, their limits in our lives is determined by our levels of tolerance to them.

Think of a harmful behavior in your life, for example, taking too much sugar, if the perceived pain or the consequences is weak or small, you will continue to tolerate taking a lot of sugars as long as the perceived pain does not increase. If you intensify the consequences, you will run looking for a solution.

The pain caused by bad behavior increases with time. On day you realize that the problem has grown to proportions that you must do something about it. This is not the best way to deal with negative behaviors, by doing that, you are letting problems grow uncontrollably until they pose big risk in your life.

Think of a poor eating habit, if it continues it will make you suffer from heart attack. Now, intensify the consequences by making yourself more aware of the consequences. For example, if you climb your stairs and you start gasping for breath, notice that as a first sign of your health deteriorating. Any new indication will be more severe than the first. The small discomfort you have now is only the beginning.

The solution, amplify that pain or discomfort to understand how far it can go and act now while you can. Do not ignore it and try to forget about it. You can ignore it for now but it will get worse as time goes by.

Unless you understand and become aware how dangerous the consequences of your bad choices in the long term can be, it will be difficult to act. What measures must you put to ensure these behaviors do not oppress and cost you in the near future?

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