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Day 82: Be deliberate, Avoid impulsive actions.

One thing I told myself this year is to be deliberate about my actions. Being deliberate means being precise. Taking consistent small steps toward task that I intend to pursue, understanding why I need to pursue an action. A good definition of being deliberate is looking at the current scenario of a pandemic we are experiencing globally, where you are expected to observe hygiene, stay in the house where necessary and keep social distancing. Washing and disinfecting yourself has become a norm this days. You cannot afford to miss those crucial actions as a way of controlling the spread of the Corona Virus. You need to be deliberate about them.

Being deliberate, particularly when the stakes are high, takes a lot of self-control, a lot of self discipline. You will experience a lot of temptations to rush things, to get things done faster but you need to battle against it and maintain concentration.

Doing things fast and not necessarily well is not a good way to achieve goals or becoming effective. It is usually the slow, deliberate and poised way of doing things that lead to great results and not the impulsive actions. Actions that lack end in mind.

The hunch today, identify when you start acting hasty and lacking focus, take advantage of such moments to exercise self control and start doing things slowly and with precision. When you feel washing your hands and being asked to disinfect at every turn is an inconvenient, pause and understand how many people you are saving by that simple action.

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