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Day 80: What will sacrificing help you win big on? #Covid-2019

Today, I did not want to be left by staff bus because I wanted to get home early. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Not because there was no bus, but we could not be allowed to board, a 50+ capacity bus ferried only 36 people, everyone else had to find other means to get home. The directive by the government is to reduce as much as possible, human contact and maintain social distance even in public transport. We were of course more than 36 and we could not definitely fit, I was among the last in the line. That is how I didn’t make to board the bus. But it got me thinking.

Anytime you will have to give up something, think about something more important that you will gain. In other words, frame your perception and mindset to view giving up something as an act of empowering yourself and not really an act of sacrifice. You know that moment where you sacrifice something because you do not have options? Yes, you get it!

For example, in context of my experience and with so many radical changes in an attempt to reduce risks of people being exposed to the Covid-19 virus, we may feel as though we are sacrificing a lot. You cannot do coffee as you know it, worship as you are used to etc. It is not a question of how much you will be inconvenienced rather what sacrificing will help you go big on. What about going back and doing business as we know it? What about not losing a friend to corona virus pandemic? What about saving your family from infection? What about going back to college, doing your final exams and graduate?

My point is, approach every sacrifice or a trade-off in a similar manner: if you have been told to stay in the house, to disinfect yourself at every corner, deep down in you, ensure you understand that it is an act of choosing to get more of something you personally consider very important like your family, and not an a mere act of sacrificing. Sacrifice without gain!

Take care, keep social distance, follow directives and observe hygiene wherever you are. Let Faith lead you and not fear.

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