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Day 78: Confidence to Choose a Different Path.

It takes a lot of confidence to choose a different path other than the one majority of people around us are following. It require a lot of mental toughness and strength of character to move the other way. Even when you know deeply down your heart that it is the right thing to do, it is very challenging.

Being assertive is being confident about a personal view of a situation without being aggressive toward the other person’s view. This means, respecting a personal view of a situation as well as the opinion of others and not submissively allowing another person to ignore your personal views.

For this reason, to be able to choose a different path from others, when you know you are right, you need to be assertive; being able to hold your personal ground. If somebody tells you to do something in a given way but you do not understand the reason why, request them to explain further. If the explanation is not conclusive or sufficient, politely suggest a different way of doing the same thing that you think might be give better results. That is assertiveness.

This is another way of bringing the status quo down. Questioning why things are being done in a certain way and not the other way around. Sometime, we do things even when we do not know why, which is wrong. Doing this helps you hold your ground even when things are at stake.

Be assertive, hold your ground and follow what you know is right.

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