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Day 76: Do not rely on someone’s else to establish positive change in your life.

One big mistake most people make is tying or attaching their goals to another person or a friend. A dangerous pitfall to be concerned about any time you are setting goals is to to avoid tying them to the performance or willingness of your friends and colleagues. The cross is yours to carry.

You will concur with me that the best partner in your ministry or business is yourself and no one else. You will encounter conflicts and issues to resolve if you join hands especially with someone who is yet to understand your vision. A person who is not motivated and commited as you are. Decison making will take long as you will need his approvals in many instances. You will find yourself making one step ahead and making two behind.

Think a scenario where you delay going back to school as you wait to convince and persuade your friend to adopt the idea too, going back to school with afriend is a great idea and with time could prove very effective. Going to library can be fun and you can always have some omeds help with assignment. The greatest challenge is relying on this fried to establish a positive change in your own life. If you do so, you are already failed. Think about what could happen if your friend opted out? Would you opt out as well?

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Do not wait for another person to improve your life. You can hope that their desires and motivation will correspond with yours, but it is a better strategy to rely on yourself by choosing alternatives that require your decision alone. The road is not as lonely as many people would want to believe.

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