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Day 74: Do not just talk about it, Act.

On taking action, If you just talk about what you are going to do instead of doing it, you are not only wasting your precious time which you could have spent working on your goals and other important things, but also you run the risk of just being stagnant and going nowhere at all.

Simply because you are talking about your goals does not convert you into someone who is achieving his/her goals.

People starting business are mostly the affected ones. They speak so much but end up doing the minimal. They are ever in the reseach mode, forever in seminars and always on social media. The idea that they need to start slips in between the cracks. They never start.

Talking about your business is not substitute for hard work!

Be careful talking about your goals with others. If you are talking for mere show off, save it! If you’re talking to gather information and get support, do it and ensure you act on the advice accorded.

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