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Day 71: High spirits despite difficult circumstances.

Someone at some point has told you to take things easy and not to take things too seriously. Did you understand what he or she meant? Let me try and expose. Treating everything seriously can lead to frustration which actually can lead to distress. You are going around your business and hurdles crop. It become hard to remain sober move on. Negative thoughts can find their way even in the most positive mindsets, It is your choice whether you want to nurture those thoughts or you will pull them out.

So many people, including you, might relate to a situation whereby, you are in lot of debts and something more terrible happens, your laptop breaks or some tools of your trade fail to function at a very crucial moment. It can feel hopeless, your spirits are lowered to the lowest levels and it can appear dark everywhere! Were it not for your resolute to remain positive about the future you would not have stuck to your business, ministry or even your family.

The fact is, you will encounter hopeless situations and your courage to move on will be put to test on a number of occasions. How will you maintain high spirits despite the difficult circumstances? Do you have an effective technique to raise your spirits and move on with bravely?

When you encounter a setback, it is not the end of the world. When someone speak ill of you, do not fail to sleep thinking ‘why’ it is happening to you. Take all this obstacles and run with them, rise above them and do not take things too seriously. There is no promise of an easy life to the followers of Jesus, the only promise is an assurance of courage even in the most hard times.

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