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Day 68: The truth is, an expert was once an amateur. Why you should start now!

Do you ever talk yourself out of a goal you felt you needed to pursue? I have severally. Starting a goal and then failing is not a pleasant thing to think of. Standing to give a speech and your lips cannot seem to coordinate with your brain is not pleasant at all. No one want to experience that. The truth is, an expert was once an amateur!

When you become exploratory, being rejected or feeling ashamed because you did not rise to an expectation should not change the belief you have about yourself. That you are strong and talented. That you are uniquely gifted. Anytime you feel as though you have failed, understand that even rejection is a valuable lesson you would not have learnt if you choose inaction.

Do not be like many people who hesitate to start working on their goals out of fear of failure and self doubt, thinking so hard what other people will say if it doesn’t work out. Realize that, if you do not take a step forward, you will be in the same position. If you take some action and still want to backtrack, you would still have gained some experience. There is nothing to lose, actually there is potentially a lot to gain.

Do you have a dream you want to pursue but you are afraid that you will be embarrassed or you will fail? Have you ever thought that not acting on them is a sure bet failure? Every attempt gives you a chance to succeed and a big chance to learn something awesomely new. So, start, start a journey toward your effectiveness.

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