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Day 67: Goals take energy and effort. It is never a walk in the park.

Most of us have goals, if not all of us. There is something you and me are pursuing which we hope will work out, and we will achieve the goal. If indeed you are pursuing one, you achieving a goal is not a walk in the park, it is work, it involve energy and effort. Let me encourage you on why you should not stop.

Think of your goal as a hill which you have to climb. Think of you stopping and walking back after you are halve way because you are struggling to climb, you feel it is too steep! Would that be ridiculous? Will you stop climbing the uphill because it is taking an hour more than you had hoped? Will you walk back and continue to stare at the peak with frustration, of unfinished goal?

So many of us do this, and start another goal only to realize that the journey is taking longer than expected. Do not conclude and buy into the idea that, if your goal is taking longer or the pace of achievement is slow in the beginning, it will stay that in the future.

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