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Day 65: Is your dream still alive?

Sometimes we can imprison ourselves by sticking to dreams we once dreamt, dreams of who we wanted to become. Bravery (being brave) means walking away from a door that has closed or from a dead dream and being able to dream again and being able to chase that dream.

We all have dreams and aspirations from an early age. God puts them in our hearts. We should not be afraid to express them and push ourselves and with bravely, pursue them.

I sometime feel as though life has passed by and I have lost the opportunities. I feel like settling down with what I have. It is sad to think you cannot dream again. It is demoralizing to think your life has gone by, that your bold moves may not amount to much of anything. I encourage myself every single day, that the best is yet to come. That my tomorrow will be better than today. If you’re reading this, your are breathing and so is your dream! Arm yourself!

With that, do not stop dreaming, think about the dream you cannot help yourself from thinking about. Figure it out, write it down and armed with courage and with bravery, start pursuing them.

Over time, I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of life and I want to live my life in a way that makes a difference. I want to spread inspiration to people who need it, I want to pump out more love from my heart. And so I cannot stop dreaming. Dreaming how to make my life more effective and how well I can serve others.

Do you have dreams that are still alive?


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