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Day 64: Words have the power of life or death in them.

Every day, I am confronted with issues that did not work as I had expected. A document was supposed to be approved and was not on time, a report that was supposed to be shared but is not yet complete. All this are and can act as a trigger to start complaining and murmuring how ineffective people can be.

It can waste a lot of time complaining about what did not work or what should have been done. We waste a lot of time and significant amount of energy on pointless complaints especially those which we can do nothing about them. It is very easy to complain.

It takes a lot of self-control to cease from complaining particularly if you belong to the group that cannot go without voicing their dissatisfaction criticize or find fault.

Every word that come out of your mouth has some kind of effect. Proverbs 18:21 says that words have the power of life or death in them. This means that every word we speak or murmur matters. It makes sense that we should avoid complaining and murmuring at all cost.

As I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to complain, very easy indeed. Many things happen every day that we could complain about if we choose to let ourselves go that route. My take, it is not worth the energy and effort to complain.

From today, try to go without complaining for as long as you are able. Whenever you catch yourself complaining again, turn it into a solution, try to find something good about whatever frustrates you, or just let it go if the solution is beyond your control or the problem is not worth your energy. Always communicate in a way that is intended at landing at a solution.

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