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Day 61: Who could benefit from you achieving your goals?

We are living in an era where we want things now or never. We have a challenge when it come to waiting. It’s a culture of instant gratification. If I don’t get it now, I rage! The problem with this kind of thinking is that it often does not work, it is the famous maize stalk fire, a huge flame that goes off in minutes. We cannot achieve much if we continue with such mentality. Most of the things have that huge impact take time before they happen. Read an article I shared about a study on instant gratification here.

To achieve long lasting impression, you need to turn your focus from instant gratification and start thinking long-term accomplishment, to resist the urge to gratify yourself immediately, create a vivid mental image of why you should avoid the instant rewards and press on with your goals despite hardships or temptations.

A clear and a well detailed vision of your future goals will empower your resolve and will compensate any challenge you may experience or any difficulty that may stand on your way toward being effective.

What will separate you from the rest is your will to excel. Your desire to challenge limiting beliefs that you have harbored, limiting beliefs that hinder your personal growth will determine how far you can go. I love solitude and work better alone than being with many people. However, I have found that, for me to achieve my goals working with people is inevitable, somehow. I have to work against some of my limiting beliefs, there is no absoluteness of personalities.

My take today, if you are working on a goal, to remain competitive and effective toward your goal achievement, think who could benefit from you achieving it. How could achieving your goals improve a person’s life? Something you will congratulate yourself for persevering and pushing on your goals. This will help you resist short term rewards (instant gratification) and embrace long term accomplishments.

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