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Day 59: Honest truth, There is a lot of goodness in people.

Is there a person you detest so much that you actually hate to see him or her? It happens, does it? Still, we have people we love so much even when they hurt us, again, it happens, we continually embrace them.

There is one thing that stands out for me, that there really are no “good” or “bad” people as we are made to believe. We hear our colleagues talk about others as being good or bad. However, my observation is that there are just people. people are caught up in hard situations and want to make the best of their situation. They are trying to survive! No one is either just good or just bad.

Let me give a general case in point; If you have ever been to Java and you made your order, and if you have ever had a random thought like, what will happen if I just leave the restaurant without paying the bill. Me and you know it is quiet easy, or it looks so easy, so I think, in almost all restaurants. You can go to the washroom and find your way out, huh. But you do not do that, actually it rarely happen, in case it happens it that someone forgot and they will do all they can to go back and clear the I’ll, but why? Because there is a moral conscience in everyone one of us that guides our moral behavior. We have internalized the value system for our society and we do not need people reminding us of our moral obligation. Quiet frankly, people are honest.

Let face it, we all have a tendency to think about people as being good or bad. The truth is we have a mix of both in each one of us. It is helpful therefore, to think of myself and each person I meet as having been made in God’s image and loved by God. And that they are all trying to make the best out every situation they find themselves in.

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