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Day 58: Are you Paying too high a price?

So many people have bad habits which become so difficult to eliminate simply because they appear as pleasant as they masquerade as good habits. Whenever you look at a bad habit as a friend rather than something to avoid at all costs, it becomes very hard to eliminate from your day to day life.

For example, people who over indulge with friends at the expense of their sleep, which affects their productivity the following day may term themselves social and may look at it as a great way to make lasting friendships. What they fail to realize is that they are paying too high a price for a something they could obtain in a different and better way without really compromising their wellbeing and future goals.

Lack of personal discipline and spreading your focus and attention so thin on things that surely are predestined to flop will lead to wasted resources and lost years and will actually sabotage your future goals. All this things we consider appropriate actually are very inappropriate and they will only lead you to self sabotage.

Think about some of the things you highly regard and which masquerade as virtues. Question yourself deeply about the belief you hold about them and ask yourself if the supposed virtues are indeed uplifting your wellbeing or actually are sabotaging it. They are perhaps the famous house rat that bite and at the same time blow.


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