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Day 57: You will experience a positive surprise when you try things beyond your abilities.

You know you are in a downward spiral and you are limiting yourself when you start thinking you cannot achieve something. Today it may be hard for you to think that you are unable to educate your children or enjoy a union of a great family or even be unable to build yourself a house, It does not mean it is impossible, it is not a fact of life – you could find yourself not being in a position. Moreover, when you think that you are unlikely to succeed, it means that you will put in less and less effort than you could in attempts to be successful. Why work so hard if you were uncertain of your success?

Because we have this hope, we are very bold

2 Corinthians 3:12 GNT

Whenever you approach a problem or in this case a challenge thinking that it is beyond your abilities, it is hard to give your best. You will most likely give up or give in when you encounter the first obstacle, whereas a person thinking they can find a solution to a problem will fight as hard as they can to succeed. The person who does not believe in their own abilities will give up along the way while the person that is certain of their capabilities will strive to reach the top.

So, once in a while, try and approach things that you think are outside of your league or ability with a positive attitude and belief that you experience a breakthrough. There is a high chance that you will experience a positive surprise and achieve something you thought was beyond your reach. I can testify to this.

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