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Day 51: Trust and Think for Yourself

Striving for effectiveness is hard to attain, because not everyone is willing to bear the cost that come with it, it is not common or easy, and everyone will start to label you abnormal and may restrict association with you.

When you are busy developing yourself, at times, it is very difficult to trust your own judgment especially when almost everyone around you is doing something different as you. My take on this is, if you do everything in accordance to the society’s expectation and norms then, what you are going to get is the same result as everyone else. You will not break mediocrity that exists. (Note, a thriving society has norms that help each and every one of us to thrive, but there remain still a lot of mediocrity which you must rise against to become effective)

If people find it weird that you do not turn up to a party because you are busy practicing spoken word or any other skill, it is you who will enjoy the benefits of effectiveness that leads to success. It may attract some level of rejection but eventually you are the one who will enjoy more freedom while others continue to complain and murmur about how life has become hard. They will miss true freedom.

Think for yourself and trust your judgement. I would rathers suffer from my own choices than waste my life away by a way of mindlessly following the crowd. My friend told me once, only a live fish can swim upstream.

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