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Day 50: Does your to-do list run out?

Do you experience a rush to get everything done? staying up late and getting up to finish your to-do list? Busy and not deliberately creating time for your loved ones or yourself?

This happens to so many of us. Sometime we become conscious about it and change , sometime, we do not and we go down the spiral and the rain start hitting you. I have been a victim, thinking I have to do everything, forgetting the most important things about my life, family, friends and ‘me time.’ I always have a full to-do list which never seem to ran out.

Anytime I am in the office, there is always some work to do. When I am not in the office, there is someone to meet or an errand to run. It appears that is the way things are. So unfortunate. Time is always on demand. The to-do list never run out, it keep adding.

For one to remain competitve and relevant, for you to become effective in your life, it is thus behooves you to understand that your own happiness and inner peace is key. I have learnt that, most things on the to-do list can wait, very little falls into a category you would term as emergency. You cannot forfeit time for the most important aspects of your life, self-care and your family and expect to be effective. Take sometime off, declutter your room or read a book.

Remember, the main objective is not to have everything done, but to enjoy and find meaning to everything you do. Take a deep breath, check your to-do list and see if it is well prioritized. Rex, a friend of mine once told me, when coming up with a to-do list, come up also with a not-to do list. Please in it write, I will not forsake the gathering of saints.

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