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Day 48: Don’t surrender the fight to achieve.

Without a big “yes” to a goal burning inside of you, you will not make uncomfortable choices in your life for the sake of your dreams.

The main reason I write is so that I can inspire people into doing the most important things in their life, the things that matter most to them. This is my goal. This goal is alive in me and continue to burn and even when I encounter challenges, I am not willing to lay down my arms in the fight to be able to reach out and reach my goals. With this in mind, I refuse to surrender the fight to achieve.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1Cor 16:13

Having a goal helps me pinpoint my priorities and I am able to disregard distractions. Saving for my daughers education makes me avoid unnecessary expenses and instead I am focused on the long-view of where I want her to be when she is older.

The desire to excel will prompt you to stay indoors preparing for a speech contest and you will not feel apprehensive about declining an invitation to an evening party. The big goal burning inside of you would be stronger than the fear of missing out on a few hours spent partying with your friends.

Having said this, strike some balance in everything. Generally speaking, you will do a lot better if you can discover a burning reason why you want to accomplish a given goal and unapologetically say no to anything that might risk or threaten your chances of making it a reality.

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