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Day 46: Find & Replace

One of my greatest tool or a function in Microsoft Excel is find and replace. A very cool tool. When I am looking up values and it happens there are no values for what I am looking up for, Excel returns an error, #N/A. If you have experienced this, you know you may not be able to get summation, probably for that row or column untill the error is resolved, it is a nuisance. How I do it, I Find #N/A and replace it with a number. Easy and very effective.

It turns out, It is not just a Microsoft Excel trick. You can use this as a life hack on your journey to building a life of purpose and that of impact. This will be possible if only you can find and then replace that thing which is hindering you.

What are you willing to replace? You can add to this list.

  • The feeling that you are not good enough
  • The need to beg for attention
  • That you will never be successful and you amount to nothing
  • That you have to be perfect to start

There can only be beliefs that empower or disempower you. Empowering beliefs lead you more happiness, growth and gratitude. Replace all your limiting beliefs with beliefs that are empowering you. Once you find what you need to replace, come up with an opposite and start professing the new belief. That you are good enough, You deserve a better life and you do not have to be perfect to start.

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