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Day 42: Gratitude and greed do not together

I love Aesop’s fables, stories well told have a way of exposing great lessons in a very simple way. I want to share another Aesop story about a Wolf and a Crane.

In your lifetime, I’m certain you have offered your assistance to a person who never appreciated your time, energy and skill. It is easy to actually feel bad about yourself and wonder why on earth someone may want to take advantage of your goodness. You bow never to offer your help to anyone.

But, it is now everyone who is like that. It is a small group of people who are greedy. It is the famous rotten tomatoes in a sack!

The Wolf and the Crane

A Wolf had been gorging on an animal he had killed, when suddenly a small bone in the meat stuck in his throat and he could not swallow it. He soon felt terrible pain in his throat, and ran up and down groaning and groaning and seeking for something to
relieve the pain.

He tried to induce every one he met to remove the bone. “I would give anything,” said he, “if you would take it out.” At last the Crane agreed to try, and told the Wolf to lie on his side and open his jaws as wide as he could. Then the Crane put its long neck down the Wolf’s throat, and with its beak
loosened the bone, till at last it got it out.

“Will you kindly give me the reward you promised?” said the Crane. The Wolf grinned and showed his teeth and said: “Be content. You have put your head inside a Wolf’s mouth and taken it out again in safety; that ought to be reward enough for you. “Gratitude and greed do not together. 

Now you know, gratitude or appreciation and greed do not go together. It’s hard to know a greedy person, but they do present themselves. The trait in such people betray them. Do not, however withhold your good acts toward people. What goes around, comes around.

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