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Day 40: Humble Yourself

Never take humility for granted.

You have heard it all along: Be humble, Be kind as is the right thing to do. Humility and kindness can help you get ahead and succeed in many areas. I have a friend, he shared with me about his upbringing, how humble it was and he never anticipated at time he will amount to anything. Over the years, he has become so successful. He attribute his success to his upbringing and his early days when he started working. He would do any type of work the boss entrusted to him, the work that at times is not pleasant. He humbled himself, it has made him rise through corporate ranks.

Humble people often will receive low rating. many people associate it with being passive or insecure, but this could not be any further from the truth. Humility plays an important role in helping you remain consistent and persistent. Humble people exude inner confidence and are competent so much that, as a result, they seek to self-actualize by helping others.

My plea, be humble. When you potray humbleness, it does not just help others, it helps you and make your life easier.

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