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Day 38: Do not put away the tiny stuff!

I was to begin a podcast this month. I have not done it. I think I should prepare and launch in March, yeah. I am postponing it!! I am not the only victim of procrastinating stuff, we are many (hands up).

Recently, I have found myself very conscious and mindful of activities that consume my time and are realy not productive. For example, scrolling up and down my facebook page, listening to so much comedy etc. Once I notice I am wasting time, I immesiately switch to a more productive activity like read an ebook on my phone, listen to Seth podcast or call a friend. I have realized, to avoid procrastination at work or even at home, It require deliberate purposeful intention which you have to be commited to carry through.

If I let myself think whether I want to start working or continue with what I was doing, my resistance will only grow, and soon, it will become so difficult to overcome the fact that I may fail to accomplish anything productive. Usually, resistance is great at the beginning when you have to perform unpleasant activity. The beauty is, when you start doing what is unpleasant, you gain momentum and it become easier to stick to the task other than reverting to an old habit. This kills procrastination.

When you find yourself putting off a task, act on it right away and deal with it now. Do not push it forward. The sooner you act, the sooner you will be done with it, and guess what, you will have moved one step ahead.

Think for example, when you prepare your food, wash the utensils immediately, for many people, this act is very unplesant. What you need to know is that tiny habits like that can help in establishing a habit of doing the hard stuff instead of allowing a backlog. Such habits will greatly help in reducing the impact of procrastination on your life.

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