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Day 31: Becoming? Occasionally you’ll look like a fool.

One of the things we frequently overlook is the fact that if we want to rise above mediocrity and raise our standards, we need to be fine with the fact that we’ll undoubtedly make a fool of ourself every now and then.

We tell our friends that we’re going to build a business, but the business doesn’t see it’s second year and we lose all of your savings, and even go into debts.

This is venue normal — more than once, we fail our way to the success. Some of us find it a big blow that is hard to withstand. We do everything in our power to escape humiliation, which includes giving up on our resolutions.— but for many people, it’s a blow they can’t withstand.

No one want to experience failure or humiliation, they are not pleasant to even think about. The strength or ability to withstand it and keep going is one of the key differences between succeeding individuals and those who fail and give up on their goals.

Though many may disagree, accept the fact that occasionally looking like a fool as a part of the process of becoming.

Keep your eye fixed on the price.

My take today, do not be afraid. Occasionally you might feel ashamed, don’t give up even then. Press on,keeping an eye to the ultimate price. More than once, you will look like a fool while you’re looking for answers you don’t have.

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