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Day 30: Your Claws are stronger than their teeth.

Hello there…Today was a busy day for me. As tight as it was, I’m grateful that it ended up being a huge success.

I didn’t want the day to end without sharing today’s hunch. I believe it’s still going to empower you in your journey to become.

Have you ever been found yourself beaten down to a point where you start questioning your worth? Everything you’re trying seem to head south and you’re at a point of breaking?

Allow me to share a story of SOME DOGS, they found the skin of a lion, began to tear it in pieces with their teeth. A Fox, seeing them, said, “If this lion were alive, you would soon find out that his claws were stronger than your teeth.” 

The moral of the story is, It is easy to kick a man that is down. Very easy indeed.

We fall down, not once, many times. The danger is not falling down, it is staying down. Someone Maybe successful in kicking you but remind yourself who you are, let the roar inside of you come out alive again and rise.

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