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Day 29: Remember why you started.

You are excited about your goals. You have been doing so well lately. Congratulations for pursuing what matters to you and not turning back. Along the way, you have probably encountered a hurdle and possibly felt almost like quitting, you have not and you should not.

A story is told of a HUNTER who was searching for the tracks of a lion. He asked the woodman felling oaks in the forest if he had seen any marks of his footsteps or knew where his lair was. “I will,” said the man, “at once show you the lion himself.” The Hunter, turning very pale and chattering with his teeth from fear, relied, “no, thank you. I did not ask that; it is his track only I am in search of, not the lion himself.”

Conclusion, the hero is brave in deeds as well as words.

That is why you should not quit running after what matters to you, what you care about. You need to be brave, not just in words but also in your deeds.

If you do not have a good, enough reason for supporting a cause you will always give up. Having said that, you should try to finish everything you start.

Before you start supporting a cause, you need a good enough reason to do so. If you already started and you find yourself struggling to “stay true” then you chose it for the wrong reasons.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become

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