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Day 27: Sow New and Improved Seeds

Do not judge each day by the harvest, you reap, but by the seeds you sow.

Chinese Proverb

Cause and effect is a fundamentals principle underlying the working of the universe. It applies in physics, chemistry, sociology and even economics. It not only explain not only why life on earth is the as it is but also why our life is as it is.

The principle states that everything that exist is the consequence of a cause, some sort of action. Every human action is preceded by a thought, either conscious or subconscious. However, not every thought leads to an action; equally, there can be no action without a preceding thought.

In short, what you sow you will reap, and what you reap you sow. you get out of life what you put into it. When you change the causes that shape your life, for example your words, thoughts, relationships and actions, you get different results.

Since all this are under your direct control, words, thoughts and actions, you highly control circumstances of your life. This explains why a person brought up in an abject poverty or in an abusive environment can rise from it and have a happy fulfilling life.

To make this principle work in our lives, sow new and improved seeds. Grow in self-awareness, choose empowering words, be mindful to your thoughts and choose your actions wisely.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become

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