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Day 23: Find out why Discomfort is’nt that bad.

I woke up early today unlike other days; I spent significant time trying to read, listening carefully to myself I could tell there is a certain feeling crawling in for the past few days. I almost got late to prepare and leave for work. Lately, I have been feeling rather a lot of discomfort and somehow in the woods lost. At first I could not really tell why this is so. So today, I started interrogating myself trying to understand the feeling better so that I can find ways of dealing with this discomfort and the awkward feelings of being lost. I have initiated quite a number of things for myself this year, including sharing a hunch every day for the rest of the year, this probably could be the source of my discomfort.

I had a moment of introspection; I discovered quite informative details, which I thought I should share with you as today’s hunch. Simply put, discomfort is simply not experiencing comfort. You are feeling unease and you are worried about something. Discomfort as I discovered is not the same as unhappiness as it commonly display.

If you’re never able to tolerate a little bit of pain and discomfort, you’ll never get better


Discomfort is what we experience when we are on the precipice of significant change in our lives. We often confuse this kind of discomfort with unhappiness and try to cope with the latter while avoid the former.  It takes a bit of discomfort to break to a new level, to break away from limiting beliefs and keeping real change. Discomfort is helpful, it indicates that something is changing and you are on the right path.

When you are experiencing a change because of new course of action you have focused on, you may also feel lost and in the woods. This is because you are walking away from the narratives and ideas you have always known and lived and are now living the moment at hand and you are discovering yourself, seeing the possibilities and pursuing them. You tend to be unsure of what you really are and thus the feeling of being lost engulf you. This also happens when your past illusions about what you really should be are dissolving and you are in the process of evolving to a new being.

I have listened to successful people and I have noted most of them do find struggles along their path to success. They did not have success just fall into their hands. They worked hard and relentless for it, they did it even when they felt discomfort. They overcame discomforts and got over the hurdles related to discomforts. That is where you will find what you are working for, your success.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become

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