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Day 20: Every step counts.

With stunning architecture, Rome is a masterpiece of art that endured rise and fall of Roman Empire and rose to be one of the greatest city, from a small settlement to a buzzing metropolis developed over thousands of years. This gave birth to a famous quote; Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Notice that our lives is sum total of so many things going on right now. Some conscious and others not. Every thing matters. It is building up to something.

When it come to self-discipline for example, you will not build it overnight neither the successes you so desire. Start small with easy contests and build upon them. It takes time to build something strong taht will withstand calamities.

Because we are all unique, then all our contests and struggles are equally unique. Let this realization help you choose the battles to engage in, desist comparisons and that each step on the way counts. Move forward with bravery, you will end up achieving your goals. Each day count, every action matters in building your Rome.

At any given moment, you have a choice. You can focus on what you are not or you can turn your focus to who you are and what is working in your life. Pay attention to what is uniquely happening in your life and see the evidence of your desires aligning. Have faith that what you desire is on the way. Even though you there seem no evidence, hold on to faith that you will get what you want at the right time because what you desire desires you also.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become

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