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Day 18: Speak Kindly to yourself

Every day, we find ourselves having a conversation, not only with other people but also with ourselves. We look at ourselves in the mirror and entertain a conversation in our head. On the mall, you look around and immediately entertain thoughts and engage in a conversation with yourself. We have thoughts running through our head every day. They inform our behavior and how we spend our day.

What happens when we verbalize our thoughts?

Proverbs plainly states that the tongue holds the power of life and death. This means everything you are saying is either producing life or is producing death. This is true when you talk to yourself and as you talk to others.

With this understanding, I have to intentionally pick and utter words that will bring life, not death to myself. I have to entertain the kind of conversation that is truthful and that bring life to me. I have to extend the same conversation to my family members and people around me.

Listen to the negative thoughts and cut them off. The thoughts that make you feel unworthy or unloved and afraid. Know the truth and profess the same over yourself. With all your imperfections, you are loved; Speak kindly to yourself, your words have power and you will grow in courage and you will become more brave.

You may worry that you do not have what you need to get to where you want but remember you are strong and capable. Release the need to figure out everything rather align your desires with the truth.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become

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