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Day 9: Move with Obedience.

If you wander off the road to the right or the left, you will hear his voice behind you saying, “Here is the road. Follow it.”

Isa 30:21

If life were predictable, it would stop to be life, and be without flavor. Human mind want certainty, it want to be able to predict the outcome of an action. We want to know what will happen next. Human mind has been programmed to resist anything that does not promise certainty.

We find ourselves in Jobs that are relentlessly boring but we cannot face the idea of not having stable salary for a few months. Business that you want to start or grow but do not get round to because you do not want the learning curve and fear what people might think.

Uncertainty gets such a bad reputation.

Uncertainly has inspired so much good in the world, it has brought about innovations. It has changed how we view everything, from education to entertainment, from technology to design….

My appeal…

​Make this year to be the year, and this day to be the day you decide to take action. Build courage and brace yourself. At first, you may not feel brave, but as you move along, day after day God will help you build a life, just take brave steps and move with obedience.

The person you will become five or ten years from now will most likely not be the same person you are now, but it will still be you! It is in your hands whether 5 or tens year from now you will be be glad about the decisions you made in the past.

Today, make a move, you do not have to be certain about the outcome, take a brave move and trust the process.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become.

This is daily Hunch. A Hunch to help you become

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