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Day 2: Muscle experience fatigue, and so is your willpower

Welcome to Daily Hunch. An everyday hunch to help you become

It is a new year; I know you are motivated. I know you long for much needed change.

A motive is a reason for doing something. Motivation is the strength to find direction of behavior. It influences you to behave in certain way.

Motivating other people is about getting them to move in the direction that is valuable to them in order to achieve a specific desirable outcome. Motivating yourself is about setting the direction independently and then taking a course of action that will ensure that you get there. It is a goal-directed conduct.

To remain motivated and pull through, you will require willpower. Self-control that keeps you determined to do something that proves difficult and challenging

Roy Baumeister did a study that show willpower is like a muscle, any muscle experience fatigue. When you are fatigued, you want to stop and regain energy. Another reason why most people abandon their resolutions. When you feel like stopping, remind yourself why you started. Ensuring your beliefs and attitudes are in harmony could actually restore the depleted energy. That moment when you do not feel like it.

Alternatively, simply take some glucose. It will keep you motivated; it will build your will power.

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The three components of motivation, Arnold et al (1991)

1. Direction – what a person is trying to do.

2. Effort – how hard a person is trying.

3. Persistence – how long a person keeps on trying.

Welcome to Daily Hunch. An everyday hunch to help you become.

By sharing this, I hope it will fuel you to keep winning!

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