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Lifeblood for personal growth (2020 Must read)

Strategic planning for organizations and businesses is vital to ensure its growth and resilience, bosses and support staff engage in quality circle meeting, weekly and monthly performance reviews to ensure the laid down policies and strategies for growth of the company are forthcoming and where need be changes are made.

Strategic planning is actually a process of creating and implementing an organization or a business game plan for:

  • Creating a new value for customers
  • Sustaining company’s competitive advantage and
  • Achieving established performance targets

An organization that has a clear plan for its growth have a great structure, the staff value and possess great commitment to their work, they hold evaluation sessions consistently, strive to excel in their efforts and more importantly develop ways to measure their progress in each area.

Me and you

This is lifeblood for a thriving and sustainable business however majority of men and women in these businesses are not exceling in their personal life as the enterprises they work for is.

Men and women run these organizations, they hail from a society, they come from families and they have personal aspirations that they love to pursue. The startling thing is, when they are able to hold regular reviews for organizations they work for, they fail to apply the same principles that make the businesses they run successful in their own life and that of their societies. They lack the high level of rigor, commitment and discipline in their own lives to make things happen. They do not have a sense of personal goals, missions and values; they do not hit their personal targets.

Any road takes you somewhere

Two months ago, my daughter and I left the house just to unwind, we took a street, and walked through estates, we did not have a clear sense of where we were heading to but we just decided to walk and hush away. We strolled admiring different structures, beautifully made flowers and strong gates in different homes. At some point we stopped on realization that the path we had taken is never ending after walking for more than an hour, the main street broke into boulevards and more lanes which finally made us unaware of where we were, not really lost but we could not specifically say where we were. We turned back and found ourselves in a familiar place and we could now locate our way back to the house.

The conclusion is, in life, if you do not know where you are going, any path you take will definitely take you some place. Well-led enterprises understand and have mastered this concept, no wonder they value strategies, consistent performance review meetings and they know how to measure their progress. They know their targets, the numbers they want to hit and they all work and mobilise all resources toward those numbers.

My challenge to you and myself included, get down and have a clear plan of the specific thing you want. Be so specific and list what need to be done now!

Have a clear plan. Commit

My friend told me that the trick to a successful life is to see yourself as a CEO of your life, see yourself as running a company that is your life and use the same strategies to create a competitive edge, advantage in your personal life.

He shared the following tips which I have a pleasure of sharing with you as I wrote them on my notebook

  • Articulate a vision for your life by asking yourself; how do you want your life to stand for? What do you want to be remembered for? How do you want to live? You could develop a vision like this: I want to live a world class life with profound impacts and live my life as a glorious adventure.
  • Write your mission statement. How do you want to show up at work? How will you show up with your family, with your pals?
  • Write down your top ten values e.g. less promising and over delivering, learn a new thing every day, family first etc.
  • Write a 10-year, 5-year, 3-year and 1-year goal. Breakdown 1 year goals into an increment of 3 months (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4).
  • Have a meeting, I mean a meeting with yourself every single week. Evaluate your progress, reflect on what you have done and review how you are doing.
  • Works that get measured get done, get improved. Whenever you measure your performance, you can always improve.

Here is to a great new year!

Thank you


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