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What if

The year 2019 is doing the last lap; I hope you have achieved all that you had purposed, or you have made significant progress. If obstacles overwhelmed you and the road became murky that you did not pursue your purpose, do not worry (but I think you should), it is a journey that we are all in. I am incited by Seth to ask the following questions.

What if we stopped thinking what to do and start doing? What if today, just for today, we did not settle for less?

What if we saw accurately the change we sought to make and sacrificed to make that change?

What if we set aside urgencies and focused simply on what is important instead?

What if you believed in your creative genius and embraced adversities?

What if you stopped whining and get down to action if though small?

What if you spoke less and listened more to what is and not said?

What if you remained calm in the midst of an intense argument?

What if you told the truth even though it could hurt?

What if you told him/her how much you love them?

What if you said hey to the stranger on the street or that workmate along the office corridors?

What if you walked your shoulders high and smiling?

What if you said yes to the request?

What if you said no to the request?

What if you went and told the boss you deserve it?

What if we did the work that matters? What if we did what matters? What if we were not scared?

what if you started doing it now?

What would happen? What do you think would happen? Would our lives be different? Would the world be better?

It is holiday season, what if you consciously spread love and choose peace.

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